Safe bloodletting techniques and how to learn them

Last updated 9/26/98.

This page very much under construction. Check back in a few weeks.

Before you ingest blood from a donor using any of the techniques described below, make sure your donor gets tested for blood-borne diseases first!

1. Bloodletting techniques for beginners (small amounts only)

(This section under construction. Much more coming soon!)

2. Advanced bloodletting techniques (for those who need larger amounts)

Warning: The articles in this section are listed for reference only. The techniques described here are very dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, and they are not simple to learn. Do not attempt to learn them on your own, without a teacher. I hope soon to have a list of qualified people willing to teach advanced bloodletting techniques to blood-drinkers. Stay tuned. You can also learn hypodermic needle use by becoming a Red Cross volunteer, though you'll need to conceal your reason for volunteering.
(This section under construction. Much more coming soon!)

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