Order Of Merlin

The Order of Merlin

Michael Kelly IV* Co - Grandmaster

United Kingdom

The Order of Merlin seeks to distill the life of this legendary Magus into an exemplary initiatory pattern fro use by the modern Magician. in brief, this quest involves the following as its fundamental basis:

1. Study of the Merlinic source text, especially the History of the Kings of Britain and the Vita Merlini by Geoffrey of Monmouth, and Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory (also poetic sources from which this latte text was derived). These texts are not intended to be histories in a modern sense, but embody powerful initiatoru allegories.

2. Study of the Celtic philosophical and Magical systems, reconstucted from the best modern academic research. Where possible, the oldest texts embodying the best of the pre-Christian oral traditions will be concentrated upon.

3. Use of the Ogham fews as gateways to specific modes of consciousness.

4. Preservation of the native languages.

5. Analysis of the effects of the geometric and geomantic aspects of "Sacred sites", and creation of such sites for pesonal Work.

6. Intensification of the dynamic interplay between polarities which exist within the psyche, leading to (a) personal empowerment, and (b) the integration of the Core Self.

7. Summoning the Dragon, i.e., intensification of the dynamic interplay between Self and Not-Self to create Change in accordance with Will.

8. Development of memory, and dream-work.

- END -