The Synchronicity To Resonate

by Pr. R. Whitaker M. Tr.

originally published in the RUNES magazine all rights reserved

The essential component of resonance is timing. To become in the proper time period of the resonant impulse means to synchronize with it. This idea of synchronization is absolutely vital to the extension and prolongation of the Aeonic current of which we are a part of. However the synchronization of our individual energies into a larger one via the Aeon has further implications on many levels.

The larger the resonant "wave", the larger the area of proxemic influence is created. That is, all which come into contact within that resonant force AND - who have a harmonic empathy with it - will be faced with an opportunity. The resonant force of the Aeonic current is carried by the Words of the Aeon. We cannot suppose that these Words can impact that which they do not come into contact with. Granted there is residual complementarism - things rub off and go on down the line IF they come into contact with what I call the "harmonic co-elements" of the proxemic arena. These elements do not have the strength of the direct wave, and are more dispersed, making them difficult to manage and predict as proxemic influences. On the other hand, their concept, function and purpose must never be underestimated. Synchronous transactions remain as the most direct, vital and powerful relationship to have with the resonant wave. But, they also mandate the strictest requirements of Initiated Bein


An examination of synchronization - as it relates to resonance - may be of value as the function of this Task is developed within this essay. Synchronicity itself implies time ordered phenomena. To be in the "proper period" is to extend and prolong that which is resonating and also that which has resonated with it. To be out of the proper period is to send a neutralizing force against the original resonant surge. This does not mean that the original surge is stilled, but there is a weakening effect which CAN lead to a stillness of that originating source. So, how do we find the proper period? How do we develop synchronicity to resonate?

The big picture in relation to these questions may be construed along the following matrix. Purpose. Each of the successive Utterances of Xeper seems tied to "proper periods." That is, they seemed to be ultimately connected to the moment of greatest extension within the energy system involved, rather than with its' recession. Successful synchronicity would involve RECOGNIZING, ANALYZING, CREATING and then seeking a proper and proportionate response to the system(s) involved. I'll return to this concept later.

Now, as to synchronicity itself we can extract the following fundamental ideas. The first, as I have already mentioned, is that synchronicity is a time ordered phenomena. The second is that besides meaning "being in the proper time period" it also means being in "phase". It is this second aspect of synchronicity that deserves some exploration. First off, phase can refer to the "state" of that which becomes synchronous. This means that when speaking about synchronicity through a paradigm involving "consciousness," that synchronicity is effected only when a proper aspect of comprehension is achieved. What this fully entails is that Recognition of resonance is not enough - in and of itself - to begin a truly synchronous prolonging, extending activation with the Source. Because we recognize a particular moment in the oscillation of the resonant movement is not indicative of being in the proper time period with that source. However, the Recognition or sensing that events are manifesting in an accelerated rate within the larger macroproxemic matrix IS the first ripple of consciousness from which the next wave follows. To Recognize the next ripple within the context of one's personal proxemic area leads to the choice - the opportunity - to step into the proper period. To step into the proper period, to Come Into Phase with the proper period, is therefore an Act of Recognition and the Personal Conscious Will to do so.

Proper and Proportionate Response Mechanisms

Energy is central to phasing into the proper time period of a resonant wave, and Activity is the Key. One of the skills which is of vital importance to the Initiate is the ability to recognize the resonant ebb and flow of Aeonic manifestations. Thus, activity begins after recognition, and if such recognition IS valid, the activity will manifest itself as a creative composition relative to a personal level of Being. Creativity must be understood in this context as an out pouring of Essence through the vehicle of consciousness, flesh and matter, into its' own Symbols within the temporal realm. Associated with these symbols - personal OR archetypal - are whole matrixes of ideas which for their part will constitute a form of dogma related to the affinities of the individual. These will become the bricks and mortar of activity, which when manifest, move the Initiate into Phase, and into time with the resonant wave.

This is the method and the Way. If the activity and Work are NOT inspired phasing cannot be fully accomplished. If the activity and Work are NOT Willful acts phasing cannot be accomplished. If a fully conscious recognition of the resonant force is not felt to the very pit of your Being, phasing will NOT be accomplished. What IS accomplished without these criteria lies within the realm of harmonic co-elements to the central resonant force. This is the manner within which the Aeonic resonance flows into the totality of cultural memetics, of the social fabric, and thus becomes extended and prolonged.

The concept of the harmonic co-elements is one which is central to the distribution of resonant response mechanisms. In its most basic form it would be described as an indirect secondary oscillation manifest by a central resonant force. It is this accumulation of "secondary" oscillations which far out number the direct unison or phasing manifestations. You can have one source, you can have a number of 1:1 relations with the source if they are synchronized to its' "time period" through proper tuning and phasing. Harmonic co-elements however, can have a number of combinations by way of tuning and phasing which are related to the original source by a mathematical ratio involving the number nine. That is, although these complements are NOT directly tuned into the resonant wave to the degree that they become a unison with it, they Do share qualities, i.e., essential elements inherent to the being of the object in question. In this case elements of being relating to the Left Hand Path and the Aeon. But, the importance of the harmonic co-elements lies in the fact that those who are resonated harmonically have available to them a direction and path to the source, and as such they can choose to follow THAT to its genesis. The Aeonic resonance offers the freedom to choose the direction of the individual spiritual destiny.

So, we see that the synchronicity to resonate involves two aspects; a unison or direct resonant relationship to the energy of the surge, and a harmonic relationship which is more dispersed from the original manifestation. Qualitative differences between these two aspects are in the degree of consciousness regarding the resonance, and the desire and will to act. Direct relationships are possible only by Willed action and recognition. To achieve this, the individual MUST have a level of Being which has partaken of at some point harmonically of the surge. For harmonics are the paths to the source. If One follows the Path they will find it. If they find it, recognize it, and are prepared by way of the development of their consciousness, Being and Essence, they have the opportunity and choice to Will into the synchronicity to resonate.

Proportional responses cannot be precisely described, they will all differ from one another based upon the affinities and attributes of the One who seeks to step into phase. As close as can be ascribed is that a proportionate response will reflect the qualities of Being inherent within the Resonator. It will be harmonic in the sense that the activity bears a relationship with what is Recognized within other activities, and also a relation with the Unknown as it unfolds. It will become synchronous and unison as the activity becomes a part of many other activities being advanced by others, and thus becomes a whole movement. The totality will be a wave of velocity whose elements are the very energies comprising the Aeonic motion. Consciousness of this motion, and consciousness of oneSelf in relation to this motion, are the fires which burn deep and dark within each of us.

To Each Of Us, I Raise My Chalice In Sumbel.

Sir Rodger M. Tr.