Harmonic Proportion In Ritual

by raensept

In magic, the basic integrity of the system used by the Adept in the achievement of personal goals lies within the development and implementation of an outlook by which to judge the actions and reactions within the immediate environment. This "outlook" within the system of magical understanding incorporating resonant phenomena, amounts to an intuitive perception of harmonic phenomena through the mechanism of reconciling polaric influences that manifest in the temporal domain.

Harmonic Proportion as a ritual element can be best described as the underlying structure which connects the Left Hand Path ritualist to the phenomenal activity related to the pentagram. The Book Of Coming Forth By Night states very clearly that the pentagram represents a way in which the Prince of Darkness can senses our presence. The basis for understanding "how" this would be possible led me to the conclusion that angularism is a key component in the realization, enhancement, and development of the self-conscious entity residing within each of us.

The Temple of Set as an organizational entity is comprised of several distinct interests. Pylons and Orders have focused their energies into mutually acceptable, yet quite differentiated areas of study, personal development and Initiation. However, for the Temple to work, there must exist an underlying schemata which connects the "dots" of those interests into a cohesive and accessible body of knowledge. Fundamental points of common reference come from the mutual acceptance that Set is the Prince of Darkness in His most ancient form, that this is Set's Temple, and finally, by serving our own self interests - by way of Setian Initiation - we are serving those of the Prince Of Darkness.

Finally, there exists one undisputed interlocking, interconnecting element throughout every activity of the Temple. That element is the manipulation of harmonic phenomena - which in any analysis IS magic itself. From the practical to the metaphysical environments, an underlying structure relative to the angular properties of the pentagram is the pattern that Setian magic is based upon.

We are existing as an embodiment of concepts, knowledge and change through the Word of the Aeon--Xeper. Various ideas are manifest upon the topics we find germane to our quest, each embedded with its own special perceptual understanding. It is such atht NOW we have become New Khem - a paralell reality of Ancient Khem, and now, just as then, the matrix, the grid it is laid upon, is the same harmonic foundation which has resonated since the initial surge of consciousness manifest itself out of a pure consistency, out of nothing. The function has remained consistent to its form.

The basis of personal growth as developed within the Temple of Set is that we can Xeper to understand and perceive our environment in different ways. If you perceive differently, you can actuate the potential for personal change. From a standpoint of harmonic ritualization, environments are created in which the potential for change, and for perceiving differently, are created. Angualrism is a key component in the manufacture of atmospheres which can enhance this process. However, the basis of angularism lies in the harmonic components which etch timeless principles into the memetics of self consciousness. The mathematical elements of the pentagram are the manifest analog semblance of a higher octave ratio of the inherent harmonic components and are thus beyons the range of direct comprehension.

The actual physiological mechanics behind this concept are covered in great detail within my article Neuronic Tracing And The Physiology Of Angular Prosthesis. Understanding these mechanisms at both the biologic and psychological levels gives a deeper meaning to the various perceptual filters created by the diversification of the Temple. It is such that each harmonically proportioned element within the ritual chamber - whether it be viusal, audio, or field form - all become synthesized by the meanings attributed to it through the development of Essence. The energies, constructs and compositions which lead ideas forward and guide their intent, retain their integrity, and maintain it through the elements of resonance, harmony and proportion in relation to the principles they represent.

This is the reason old Khem survived for so long. This is the reason new Khem will become so strong. New ideas, new thoughts, and perceptions are bound by an underlying momentum of their own making.

In our differences the energies utilized to develop ideas and paths of thought are drawn from a common source. It is the initiates perception - guided by the input of an Order, Pylon or Word which delineates the form and issuance of one's Essence.

"It should not be thought that the quests are limited to ancient Egypt, for there are keys all around and throughout the times of mankind."
The Book Of Opening The Way