Functional Resonance

Functional Resonance

by R. Whitaker M. Tr.

originally published in the Scroll Of Set all rights reserved

Form, function and resonance. As we embark upon this grand journey of life through the eyes of Initiated Beings, as brethren of all those who seek the Mystery - form, function, and their carrier resonance - will ever impact upon each and every one of our Acts. As we reach through the mists of linear progression to reach at That which is stationary, we momentarily manifest into Our moment an aspect of the form that has been touched. Then, it is gone and we must Work by remembering it. All our acts Become because we step into the shadows that the memory casts of places we sense by the divine Gift of self consciousness. These mysteries of life and death impinge upon every moment of Initiated awareness, upon every cell, every molecule and atom which make up the universe. They are guided by polarized forces, and the variations of resistance, neutrality, and their continuing synthesis stand as many paths in the dichotomy of self, and that which is not self.

This is the basic premise. We recognize that which is not self, but beyond that we as Initiates MUST see that we also recognize the self from a point removed from that very self-same reference! We recognize that which exists outside of the self, but for this to have any meaning there must be a third point of reference, a more extended sense of Being, a larger sense of consciousness. If I can recognize that outside of myself, and I can recognize that which is myself, this can only be possible if I AM outside of both. There is another element involved - a trichotomy extension of consciousness into time.

The function of such perceptual constructs lie within the requirements of phasing into the proper time period of the Aeonic resonance. This is a topic I have touched upon in other papers. This essay touches upon areas of those papers I mentioned in passing, that I perhaps glossed over too quickly in my haste to make other points. Function, purpose serve as Keys to the Mysteries of the Watchers, and observers of the self. As such, let it be said that in order to step into the proper time period of the Aeonic resonance it is absolutely essential to become an observer of the phenomenal aspect of one's own self consciousness. This is the noumenal aspect of being in the direct flow of events, it is the way that these events flow from YOU and resonate the harmonic co-elements removed from the direct wave.

So, what I am saying is that for synchronicity there must be Recognition, there Must be Willed Activity, there must be a Creation relative to the qualities of Being that are manifest. But, these actions are predicated upon a platform of observance within which self consciousness is motivated into its creations by That which is observing. By That which is able to view what is not the Self, and what IS the Self. Triadic comprehension is the most significant advance of perception we can achieve in terms of Self reference and Being. The Crystal Tablet of Set touches indirectly upon this concept in the section on "The Psyche." I quote..."And we can distinguish between the natural and the non-natural - something that would be a logical impossibility if the consciousness itself could not extend beyond the natural." I can KNOW what exists outside, I KNOW what exists within, this "I" is the observer, the third component. If it was actually that recognized within, it could not logically know it.

The concept of a triad of Gods is considered as old as the Ancient Egyptian belief in the Gods. To even glimpse into Pharoanic thought, we are required to step into "their" psychological constructs as well as we possibly can. What is essential to such thought is that each form has associated with it a matrix of ideas and principles. The form is NOT actually that shape i.e., the mixture of lion, hippo, and crocodile that make up the soul eater, but rather the ideas associated to certain aspects of each. The sum of these ideas are synthesized by one's OWN divine insight into an abstract complex which resides over the manifest form. It is through the dynamics of such a construct that ALL becomes alive, and if it is indeed alive it CAN Xeper by process (touching upon the "Key of Embodied Essence").

It was the habit of our Ancient Brethren to have a triad which consisted of an Old God, a Young God and a Feminine aspect. What is revealed by the various aspects of the triad is a polaric, dynamic synthesis of the total forms into consciousness. The triad was generally associated to a town or nome. That is, a proxemic area. So it could be said that each proxemic area in Old Khem was resided over by an abstract complex of ideas relating (at least initially) to a triad of Neters. There are resonant implications here that I will explore later in this essay.

If we now bring this triadic comprehension into the present, we can draw some promising metaphorical possibilities. I have stated earlier that to step into phase with the Aeonic resonance certain conditions apply. These conditions are Recognition, Activity, Creation and Will. I have further stipulated (in other writings) that to step into phase as a direct resonator of the Aeonic force requires a 1:1 ratio. However, this does not account for higher ordered relationships with the original resonant wave. I am making a presumption therefore, that although the same conditions are necessary for any phasing to occur, that in fact within this paradigm there exists relationships of differing density and magnitude. What this ultimately means is that there is more than one direct phasing relationship. Let's examine the concept of density and magnitude to Being.

One of the definitions of density is the quantity of energy in a specific area. So, within the phasing paradigm there will be differences in the resonator which will manifest as magnitudes of activity. This density of energy means that there are more and less levels of energetic psychical, biochemical activity within similar frameworks. The higher the density within a specific area, the faster the motion of that energy. Now, with that foundation laid, let us take this concept to another level. If phasing is the equivalent of a 1:1 ratio with the resonant wave, what would the condition be of a higher ordered phasing relationship? Given that a higher ordered phasing relationship displays a denser activity, and that such activity has as its core a faster motion of energy, then in relation to a resonance construct - in order to maintain our direct connection with the resonance - we MUST deal with octaves of the 1:1 premise. This means that a condition of higher ordered phasing is a or 1:8 ratio in terms of a proportional synchronicity with the resonance.

This has to be examined a bit further, for the implications are important for the manifestation of the Aeon. They are also important in understanding the subtleties of unison and harmonic resonators. Higher densities equate to faster energetic motions. Resonance is also dependent upon motions. The faster the motions the faster the resonant frequency. We have MORE energy within the same proxemic area. So when we speak of octaves we are speaking about analogues of the direct synchronicity to resonant. Keep in mind when we speak of Aeonic resonance, we are also speaking of energy oscillating. We are speaking of extension and retraction, but in this case we are dealing with macroproxemic areas - large areas of infiltration and intrusion of the energy. However, we ARE speaking of an area that has limits to its extension. As such, it is knowable. Unison, octaves, harmonics, phasing, analogues, density AND most importantly, synchronicity all play a role in the macroproxemic arena of Aeonic resonance.

Many comments have been made about the Ancient Egyptians and the great number of Neters which they paid homage to. The number of these Gods is tremendous, however it IS comprehensible if you understand this phenomena through the construct I am suggesting, i.e., that of resonant elongation, and prolongation dynamically Understood by triadic comprehension and its accompanying synthesis - the Essence of the Dark Gift. You simply cannot have true Xeper without the manifestation of creation. Viewed through this angle, the Egyptian pantheon rather than being confusing and complex, becomes a living testament to those Higher Than Life as the synthesis of THEIR manifest functions emanates anew through OUR Works.

The idea of analogues is absolutely necessary towards Understanding the higher ordered phasing relationships of the synchronicity to resonate. I have mentioned two characteristics of a synchronous resonant analogue, i.e., density and triadic comprehension. Now let us examine a somewhat "bigger" picture of this scheme, and hopefully provide this will provide some insight into the functionality of an analogous resonant relationship.

An analogue is that which bears a resemblance or proportion to THAT which it is compared. It is simply a characteristic which corresponds to another characteristic of the thing perceived. The first implication presented here is that an analogue is NOT the same thing as another, only that it shares aspects with it. In a geometric paradigm, analogous refers to proportion and an equality of ratios. In reference to resonant relationships, a 1:1 ratio is a proportionate and synchronous "stepping into" the consciousness which is perceived as "ideas" relevant to the Form of that resonance. Similarly, a 1:2 relationship is equal. The difference is that its density - the amount of energy accumulated in a given proxemic area - is much greater. A 1:8 relationship is a quadruple ordered octave of the 1:1 manifestation, it is still proportionate, it just contains more energy than the previous configurations. But the energy at all levels has - in terms of the Aeonic resonant metaphor - partaken of all the elements of phasing and synchronization to the Aeonic wave. The differences between these proportionate responses and relationships brings us back to some of the basic concepts I have presented in some of the earlier essay's in this "resonant" series. Ideas and reality are both aspects of energy. Higher ordered relationships, by absolute necessity, manifest in a more dynamically active relation to the Aeonic resonance, to ideas and to reality. If comprehension is based upon knowledge of two discrete systems - as in resonance - THEN higher ordered (denser) relationships with those systems will result in "seeing more" within the same perceptual and cognitive frameworks we, as humans, all share. "Seeing more" is the qualification for meaningful Initiatory experience at all levels of Being, and "Doing More" is to the synchronicity to resonate, that "Seeing More" is to meaningful i.e., "Useful" Initiatory experience. One extends and prolongs the Aeon, the other extends and prolongs the Self.

So, we have revealed here the True Function ("seeing more") of the Form (Aeonic Resonance). We can also say that within common patterns of perception that there can exist differing levels of comprehension based upon the "density" of energy within those "common patterns". Invariably, it is activity, Willed activity, which creates the composition of Being that ultimately manifests into the "proper time period" of the synchronous energy of Aeonic Resonance.

As analogues, higher ordered phasing presents some unique opportunities in Understanding the dynamism of noumenal relationships. "Stepping into the proper time period" of the Aeonic resonance impacts the objective universe by manifesting Works which are relevant to the Aeon at large and to the Word(s) in particular. Harmonic Works - largely accomplished by individuals NOT consciously involved with the temporal locus of the Aeon - present aspects of the Aeon and/or of the Word(s) via print/audio/visual media manifest into the public domain. This differentiation of impact is necessary to be able to fully envision the macroproxemic "picture" of where we can go, and what we can build as a Religious, Initiatory entity. This differentiation also defines where we are within cultural paradigms, and in the biological sense, what we can consciously try to retain, AND impress into cultural memes for our mega-generational existence.

All of this exists as relationships to ideas and their accompanying energies, and to the realities that these energies (ideas) impose upon the experiences of the individuals they are expressed within/to. But, we must suppose that higher densities within the perceptual field and its resultant aspect of "Seeing More" additionally modifies that higher ordered Aeonic relationship in ways which can ONLY be known by the participant within that discreet system. So, by defining our territory through unison and harmonic differentiation and their impacts, by defining the major characteristics of these relations in terms of what is necessary to join in the synchronicity to resonate, AND by determining that even within direct resonant relationships, there exists Higher Ordered levels, we are closing in on the noumenal aspects of the Aeonic Resonance.

Resonance is the fundamental medium through which we can begin to give meaning to a Source. But, in order to approach this, we have to construct a perceptual filter which allows you to bridge certain philosophical and technical aspects of both the very Ancient, and the very Modern. Little makes Initiatory and Magical sense unless these two modalities are achieved. It gives significance to past magic, and makes significant what we are building NOW towards the Magic of the Future.

No matter what culture, era or time period your magic is intrinsic to, it is this construct which gives it significance to you in the present. This is the binding of Left Hand Path Principles (energies/ideas) into the total macro proxemic environment including the passage of time. This is the way the devotions, meditations and prayers by our Ancient Brethren as their temples were destroyed, or simply left vacant to become dust, have been answered - through Us. We are the result of their Magic, just as those who will follow us will be the result of ours.

Resonance, and the Synchronicity to Resonate implies the existence of two discrete interacting systems. Resonance cannot exist otherwise, it is an active matrix which depends upon "other" bodies to step into phase with its energy and motion in order to maintain itself. Two systems are necessary to resonate, the first is an EXTERNAL force, the second a form which has a "sympathetic" link to the motions of the external system. This is not a physical link to the external system, it is a link of frequency - of energy specific AND discriminated by the external system itself.

A resonant system can only absorb - for the purpose of extension and prolongation of the system - certain frequencies of energy whose inherent characteristics reflect the energetic nature of the external system. Even when such characteristics are reflected, to give to the system requires phasing, the proper time period, synchronicity, the ability to "do", the Will to "do" and a creation that reflects - within the boundaries of personal affinity - that activity. In return, consciousness evolves into higher ordered relationships to the Aeonic resonance (Seeing More). Causality, in terms of resonant systems always comes first, so we are faced with the proposition of a First Cause within the paradigm of Aeonic resonance at higher ordered relationships. The precise intricacies of these relationships are too differentiated and involved for the purposes of this essay, they can only be touched upon as the "results" of "Seeing More" within the Synchronicity to Resonate at Higher Ordered levels.

The realization that there exists other conscious entities beyond the direct apprehension of our mundane perceptions is impossible to qualify within any form of dialogue. These relations can only be understood within the context of two discrete operating systems working together and producing results which only YOU can determine were or were not possible. In resonance we speak often of extension, for it is through extension that the Aeonic resonance reaches into macro proxemic areas and manifests into matter. But all important, are the inverse properties as well. Just as there exists extension, so there is retraction. This is the inherent nature of resonance. I have said in other works that the Aeonic resonance leaves a Path which may be followed. Following that Path towards its Source Becomes the inverse motion of the Aeonic resonance. Instead of extending out the energies are compelled within. Just as extension results in a manifestation into matter, the retraction results in a manifestation of spirit. As such, the feminine/masculine/polaric principles of the Left Hand Path can be more clearly understood within this paradigm.

When one begins "To Do" and continues "To Do" by way of LHP Initiatory Work, they will enter Higher Ordered relations to the energies of the Aeonic resonance. At some point a question will arise, and as the answer is sought, a Path leading towards the answer will unfold. It is not a path leading "out" to something external, it is a path leading "into" something that is Hidden to most. The manifestation of Works is the outcome of "Seeing More"; seeing That which is Hidden from others within the same proxemic space. "To Do" and to "See More" is the object and the idea, it is form and function, it is matter and spirit. These are all relationships which are synthesized and determined by a third element of comprehension. Yourself.

07/27/96 XXXI