Akathartic And Ophionic States Of Being

by Tani Jantsang

Why can't dualist-people, most visible in the Western world, live in peace with others, especially other races? Because they can not live in peace with themselves. Not with their own people, and not with themselves. I'll say it in our lingo using English only.

They are split in half. They think dualist because they feel dual. They have a false-construct-I or "ego," as we call it (not psychological talk at all, not Freud either, specifically). Ego. This ego is a fake. It often seeks to "find itself." It imagines it has become the "new me" and tries to construct a new act, for it is all ultimately an act that they never know they are faking until the "new me" realizes it and replaces it with another act.

The act is two things. 1. the insane desire to hold in thrall and control everything that seems to them "chaotic, random, uncontrollable" in their own bodies, and outside their bodies (other people, events, things). This ego is a tyrant that will not let-go the reigns and let the body breathe. 2. The ego is a perpetual attempt to escape the "self," but the Self it is fleeing from is wholly unknown. That Self could be equated with instinct or Freud's Id, or "the animal, genetic, DNA-coded foundation."

They feel pursued, as if something is pursuing them. Since they see no person pursuing, they think it's a devil, or demonic forces or something evil and dark (hidden, not visible to clear inner-light of logic). They run/escape toward hope, constant hope, a need to be saved which they all feel acutely. Saved from what? Fire? Flood? Illness? No. Just "saved." From what? "The animal self." This is felt as a binding at the navel "chakra," a nerve center probably in the brain; but you feel it near the navel, not in your head! The control has to have gone on for long, and severely, for this binding or deadening from the waist down to be felt. Their senses are 99% numbed: it has to be strong for them to even begin to feel it. They are braced, expressionless, unemotional, apollonian, they do not feel; they dare not feel! Pythagorean term: Akathartic (unable to release, NOT-released).

Finally, the animal-self refuses to be held back any longer (at the navel!) and it pushes thru. It is wild, truly chaotic with no compass to guide it. Just as a person never in deep water before would struggle not to drown, they struggle in panic to "not drown," and it is a drowning feeling. If it does push through, despite all efforts to control/brace against it, it enters into the heart "chakra" or solar plexus. This is really something of the brain, but it is felt in the heart: panic, devouring feeling, burning, as if "some THING" is consuming you.

Often this feeling is accompanied by an almost-hallucination in the head of something that looks a lot like an octopus with one eye. (Jung would call it an archetype.) They do not believe this is just a manifestation of their Will if they see this. They believe (because they see and feel) that some thing is after them for real, some entity or demon or devil. nothing can unconvince them because they see it (just as I "saw" the solution to a real math problem correctly). We know it is only their own Will, a kind of image that humans seem to universally see if they get this way. Telling them this is a waste of time. Knowing it is an hallucination or imaginary image does not make the feeling of burning, being devoured, being pursued for real, panic go away. If they have to give this "thing" a gender, they usually think it is female! It is octopus-like, one-eyed, it hurls at them from a kind of space that "can't exist," it comes bullet-fast (like an arrow), its "tentacles" flail menacingly, as if to and fro, in and out in an impossible space-perception. Often things for real (a lizard eating something, a spider, a spider's web) will trigger the image of this "thing," or trigger irrational panic/fear. It is also somehow dragon-like. It eats, somehow you "know" that it eats.

This feeling, with the vision or not, is accompanied by a feeling of space being altered around you, as if you are being whirled down a tunnel that is like a vortex. The space around you vibrates, or you feel a vibration. It is not "the shivers" or "the shakes." It feels as if it is coming from outside your body, as if the space you are in is shaking. In this stage, they react in one of two ways: 1. they flee, pack up and move, trash all their belongings and run. Might end up in a church or similar place terrified, shaking, in tears. Begging for help. 2. They like the feeling and embrace it! If they do this then you witness their behavior: serial killers, extreme sado-masochism with no "game rules," self-mutilation outside and visible or with foods that are literally making them sick (I do not mean alcohol or drugs), foods that give them pain to eat: like lime (dolomite).

The Pythagorean name for this type that has embraced this is "Ophionic." Yes, from the Idea (not literal creature) Ophioneus or Ophion. The lesser "image" of the spider-like web was known as "Nightmare," the first and true meaning of that word. The Taoist image for this is "The Drowner" and means "insanity, a darkening of the light." Note that the Western knee-jerk reaction connects darkness with evil. We connect it to the heart, feelings, softness and anima. Also to female.

Now, why is the animal-self so self-destructive when it gets released in such a split person and embraced? 1. It is seeking to murder the tyrant: the ego, seeking to exterminate it, send it into oblivion (hence their fear that they are going into oblivion). 2. It has absolutely no compass to guide it, no link to "communicate data" on "how to do this the right way" like an animal has. BOTH Akathartic and Ophionic types are considered "klippoth, preta-rupa." Pythagorean term: Thanatos. It is opposed to "Zoos" which means biological. On a "higher level" it is opposed to Eros (not erotic) meaning "Love, of the Heart, Heart-felt." Pythagorean terms. Thanatos is akin to a-biological. It doesn't mean "dead." It means dead-alive, having the instinct of "sex/death."

That split people are a specific, easily recognizable type (not race) is too well known to even debate it. Whether they are born that way or develop that way is not known. Doctrines (teachings) say they are born from a union wherein there is no release in the female who has a womb that is supposed to nourish, not poison, the newly made zygote. That's doctrine. This was well known to people who knew mathematics (only taught in colleges today) and who talked about atoms; known to people who built things no one can build or even copy today. They are not the doctrines of stupid people who believed in tooth-fairies. Tanaim (Hebrew special teachers who preserve knowledge) class them into five definite types of people fitting the description of the same type among 5 different races of people they knew of (race as we use the word today.) Dante knew of this. Some is encoded, the rest he wrote only too clearly to those who recognize what he is saying.

As far as we know, there is no cure for these people except to experience release that sometimes works to cure it temporarily. In the East rare people like this have been known to receive head injuries that should have made them brain-less but behold: they were cured! Told to Western people, who were, themselves, new in the field of medicine, it was not believed that any brain or head injury could make a person more whole than he was prior to the injury. (Fine. don't believe it. No one tried to push the point.) Also known: normal people that got thyroid disease or other biochemical imbalances sometimes became split, but always showed some marked behavioral changes and accompanying changes in the way they thought, and behaved.

We know that "chakras" are IN the body, but actually in the brain because there is no physical organ in the body at the location of the feeling of "chakras." Such talk was incomprehensible once. Maybe neurology can understand it now: 1995?

Our labels/words for such states-of-being are as specific as chemistry, science, and math. They are just not english. They are not common "language" words because the languages don't have words for such things. Example: English borrows foreign words, even for anything medical; the word pharmacology is borrowed as are the words bioelectrical and biochemical.

These split people are not methaphorically unable to get along with themselves: they are literally at war inside themselves. They may as well have a cancerous tumor that insists on growing and fighting a battle for space with the body's normal cells. It is as physically real as this. It is not "spiritual." It is as physical as cancer wherein the body tells undifferentiated cells to reproduce and push out the normal, differentiated cells. The same, as physical. As real. You can cut out the cancer. Often it comes back. You can "release," but the split often comes back.

When we say things like "spiritual condition" we mean: "state of being." Not state of feeling or state of thinking: state of being. There is a difference. The West is noted for seeming to not-grasp the concept of just one thing: Being. Being-state of normalcy is as if these "chakras" fire (like spark plugs in a car) in the correct order. Theirs do not fire correctly. The bottom 3 are severed from the top. This is visible, to us. Don't need a microscope or a brain scan. Our knowledge on this is older than Western ideas which are all quite new.

When such people orgasm (the most powerful survival urge in living things) they do not release, it is as if "energy" gets pent up more. They often can't even perform without strong "visual" imagery, a kind of yoga they are doing like "one-pointed consciousness" wherein they focus on a fantasy. The chakra by the eyes is used in a kind of perverse destructive yoga. If they lose the fantasy/focus, they lose their arousal. Pythagorean word for this: Epithymesai. There are physical differences that can be graphically described and defined about what happens during and after orgasm in the type that does this perverse yoga, versus a person who is like an animal that does not do this: visible differences, visible to anyone who looks. Most often, the split person can not orgasm any other way. As such, we know what predominates in the West since the Western world thinks this is all "normal." In recent years they have encountered others who are not like this (sexually speaking) and they don't know what to make of it. Some even think we have some "other organ!" We're just animals, nothing more! They're damaged animals. This has nothing whatsoever to do with gay, straight, men having sex with sheep, etc. Release is release, it is a bioelectrical phenomenon, not a sexual act per se.

Why do we specifically define their age as Kali Yuga? It means Age of Kali. What is Kali? It is an archetypical image of a state of being: theirs. Behold her. She devours her own son (her child); she never nourishes it save to poison it; she murders her own husband and wears skulls around her waist, etc. Embrace her: you will be devoured as if no longer existing. She is a negative anima, a destructive anima. When people embrace the "Ophionic" condition, they do to themselves what "Kali does in the picture," metaphorically. Few Western people ever got this information from anyone openly/honestly. A rare few figured out what the imagery meant. Most normal people, even in lands where Kali is known as a myth, have no concept of the split state of being, or what her image represents. The Thuggees knew nothing of this aspect, or if they did, they did not "own Kali" as representing this about themselves.

In pre-Pythagorean times, there was no Kali-type image per se except in India. There was imagery for Ophioneus or Ophion. If a male was like this, he was literally torn to pieces by real females that did this job. This is now shrouded in myths that the West has no grasp of. If you know how to read it, the statements are clear.

"Know how to read something?" Example: what means "strong force?" A strong person? Someone who used strong-arm tactics or force? You also have to know how to read that to grasp it. Right? What about the word "Major." Does it mean big? How about "Minor." Does it mean underage or trivial? Or are they both the names of a type of harmonic blend of sound? One must be able now to hear this, to know it: not just read it. Our language is as specific as this.

Why share it? Because neurologists (some) seem to grasp it already, in their own new way. But they'll never know it unless they can feel it as acutely as one can feel a cup of coffee held in one's own hand. When and if they can do that, we'd consider that they know it.

I don't even know if they know that such people, at absolute war inside their own Beings, are only capable of causing/creating misery/conflict for anyone they have contact with. How can one not know something so obvious? Their "effect" is never self-contained. Like cancer, it spreads. Like cancer, it seeks only to destroy. That is also obvious. Being able to predict, every single time, what such a person's effect will be in any given situation is not psychic or magical. It is obvious. They are considered pre-eminent obstructors, instinctive obstructors, which means that their obstructive actions will be as perfect and automatic as anything else instinctive. What they do is not like "conscious, deliberate, thought-out, planned, subversive obstruction." What they do has long-lasting, enduring effects.

If everyone used the same math-system and numbers, and there were a group of people who had "inability to know" that number 2 exists, then every single calculation they did would be lopsided. If they balanced your check book, it would be wrong.

There is a "wrongness" about them like this - but bigger. The "no #2" type could simply stop doing math. These split people can not stop, they are driven people: fleeing some unnamed inner terror, running/escaping to an Imaginary/fantasy hope. Driven. When they see others are not like them, despite their dogma that screams that "everyone IS like that" (akin to "no no, there is no number 2, no no") 99% of them seek to make others like they are and they (hindsight) do it by any means necessary.

Very few of them realize what they want to do. Those who do regard this desire, and themselves, as monsters of evil (even if they are atheists by "religion") and/or utter poisons in the midst of nature which they also see is beautiful. They are truly cursed: to know. Telling them it is chakra damage, or the new word "brain developmental damage" does not alleviate what they feel because they know they feel some pretty awful things. The rare few that know this often slide in and out of this state. They are able to know the beauty of life/nature and also know what the "absense of this sight" is.

Split people that don't know both are as if denied the sight of life. If all they know is an "absense of the sight of life, an absense of inner-peace,"then they'd have nothing to compare it with. Despite their beliefs (based on how they felt) in their own sinful or "cursed" natures, they seldom knew that anything was wrong, though some did know it and invented new words for their "condition": angst, anome.

Existential Psychology was born from these observations/feelings and they began to view these things as "states of being." Nonetheless, none of them were able to cure people that had these conditions. Their gross error was thinking that this was a "human condition" when it is obviously not a condition other humans or animals suffer.