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This list was set up to provide information about events promoted by or concerning local OTO bodies. It is not designed to be a discussion list about the OTO or Thelema in general. Some discussion about specific events may be permitted however. Although the list is primarily aimed at OTO initiates, many subscribers to this list are not Order members, so discussion of internal OTO rituals and policies is also not appropriate. Here are the full guidelines as to what may be submitted to the list, and in what format:

  1. Events specifically hosted or promoted by a chartered local OTO body. The mail must contain the name of the OTO body, date and time of the event, and a contact email address. Optional additional info may include the address of the event, the URL of the Web pages of the local body, and anything else pertinent. If attendance to the event is restricted to OTO members of a certain Degree then be sure to say so clearly! Note that we do not recommend the publication of street addresses of OTO events in mailing lists.

  2. Events that are not official OTO events. These may include shows or performances featuring OTO members, or public events that may be of direct interest to OTO members. Be sure to include details such as show times, address, admission fees etc.

  3. Cyberspace events or conferences of direct interest to OTO members. Please include details of IRC server & channel, or whatever other details that may be appropriate.

  4. Notification of new publications by or of direct interest to OTO members. Publications may include books, web pages, CD-ROMs, CD Audios, or other media. Independent reviews of recently published media are also acceptable.

This is an international list, so mails may be posted in languages other than English. However all foreign language postings should include an English translation as well. Since notification of important events may need to be posted well in advance, multiple postings of the same announcement is permitted. However an event should not be announced more than once per month unless there have been significant changes or additions to the previously posted announcement.

This list is (loosely) moderated by Rodney Orpheus, Master of Makhashanah Lodge OTO <http://www.wilder.net/rodney>. The list moderator reserves the right to cancel subscriptions to the list for whatever reason he deems fit. Questions concerning the moderation of the list should be addressed to <orpheus@/cult.necronomi.com>, and questions relating to the server overall to admin@/cult.necronomi.com. Please remove the slash from the email addresses before sending; otherwise they will bounce.

Love is the law, love under will.

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